Historical Resources

The following historical documents, publications and resources from the Palestinian national liberation movement are presented here in the interests of providing background materials that can be greatly useful in analyzing and understanding the current political situation and the overall trajectory of the movement over time. One of the objectives of this conference is “to use a historical lens to explore the deep roots and long history of Palestinian resistance and mobilization against colonization in order to learn from this experience and develop the future of our national liberation movement.” These documents are presented in order to forward this goal and build understanding of the history of the movement.

These documents and publications are not complete collections and we would very much like to see more of this material available online.

If you have documents or publications you would like to see included here, please scan and send copies (or send a link to webbed versions) to palestinianconference@gmail.com. Historical publications and documents from all political trends of the Palestinian liberation movement are welcome.

Other important archives of historical resources of the Palestinian liberation movement:

Palestinian historical reference documents
Palestine: PLO Bulletin
Published by the Palestine Liberation Organization
 PLOBulletin-Nov1980-1 Palestine: PLO Information Bulletin – Volume 6, No. 21 – 30 November 1980 (Download PDF)
PLOBulletin-Dec1980-1 Palestine: PLO Information Bulletin – Volume 6, No. 22 – 15 December 1980 (Download PDF)


Democratic Palestine
Published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
 DemocraticPal-Mar1984-img Democratic Palestine – May 1984 (Download PDF)


PFLP Bulletin (Magazine Format)
Published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
 PFLPBulletin-March1981-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 48 – March 1981 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin-March1982-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 60 – March 1982  (Download PDF)
 PFLPBulletin-April1982-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 60 – April 1982 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin-Summer1983-img PFLP Bulletin No. 67 – Summer 1983 (Download PDF)


Fateh Publications
Published by Fateh, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement
Revolution Until Victory – 1970 (Download PDF)
Political and Armed Struggle – 1974 (Download PDF)
Towards a Democratic State in Palestine -1970 (Download PDF)


Palestine Research Centre Publications
Published by the PLO Palestine Research Centre
The Struggle of Palestinian Women – 1975 (Download PDF)
Gaza by Arlette Tessier – 1971 (Download PDF)
Palestinian Children: the Generation of Liberation by Bassem Sirhan – 1970 (Download PDF)



PFLP Bulletin (Newspaper Format)
Published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
 PFLPBulletin-9-March1974-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 9 – March 1974 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin-10-Apr1974-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 10 – April 1974 (Download PDF)
 PFLPBulletin-11-MayJune74-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 11- May/June 1974 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin-12-Aug74-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 12 – July/August 1974 (Download PDF)
 PFLPBulletin-13-SepOct74-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 13- September/October 1974 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin14-NovDec74-1 PFLP Bulletin No 14 – November/December 1974 (Download PDF)
 PFLPBulletin-15-JanFeb75-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 15- January/February 1975 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin-16-MarApr75-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 16 – March/April 1975 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin17-June75-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 17 – June 1975 (Download PDF)
 PFLPBulletin1920-SepDec75-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 19/20 – September-December 1975 (Download PDF)
PFLPBulletin21-JanFeb76-1 PFLP Bulletin No 21 – January/February 1976 (Download PDF)
 PFLPBulletin22-MarApr76-1 PFLP Bulletin No. 22 – March/April 1976 (Download PDF)


DFLP Publications
Published by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (and the Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian Revolution in English)
The  Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine – 1969 (Download PDF)
The Right to Self-Determination & Independent State – 1977 (Download PDF)