April 21: Benefit for the Children of Al-Nakbah with Marcel Khalife – NYC

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The LEAP Program invites you to a Benefit Dinner & Performance for the Children of al Nakbah featuring world-renowned artistMARCEL KHALIFE

+April 21, 2013 ~ 6PM
+Dinner and Performance

+Widdi Hall (5602 Sixth Avenue & 56th Street, Brooklyn, NY)

All proceeds donated to the LEAP Program for Palestinian refugee youth in Lebanon.

If you cannot attend, please consider making a generous tax-deductible donation to support the educational empowerment of Palestinian refugee youth in Lebanon (www.leap-program.org/donate). 

To learn more about LEAP, please watch this video (http://youtu.be/OiXvRZT38Is).

Contact: info@leap-program.org
Website: www.leap-program.org

+Section A: $250 / Table of 10 $2250
+Section B: $150 / Table of 10 $1350
+Section C: $75 / Table of 10 $700

+Student tickets $50 (must show student ID)

MARCEL KHALIFE is a distinguished composer, singer, and oud player that is best known for liberating the oud, an instrument integral to Arabic culture, from its traditionally strict techniques, expanding its musical possibilities, and contributing to its artistic and cultural revival. Over the decades, Khalife’s music and his own compositions have signified peace, reconciliation and breaking boundaries. He creates a sound that is always innovative, inspiring, and beautiful. Many of his recordings utilize traditional instruments mixed with western mainstays depicting a sophisticated musical marriage of classical Arabic and jazz music. As a composer, he demonstrates a deep attachment to and a profound understanding of the power of the written word. Khalife has distinguished himself not only as a virtuosuo oud player but also as a talented composer.

Khalife’s educational and humanitarian contributions are as numerous as his creative endeavors. A tireless promoter of the arts and culture in the Arab world, he has been the recipient of many prominent awards and has performed in the most prestigious music venues in the world. In his quest to renew the vibrancy and significance of the Arabic song, he has based songs on the words of some of the great contemporary Arab poets, particularly the Palestinian poet and journalist who eloquently wrote of the exile, struggles, and hopes of the Palestinian people, Mahmoud Darwish.