March 19 in Ramallah: Palestinians for Dignity to protest Obama visit

nobamaPalestinians For Dignity call for a demonstration in objection to President Obama’s visit to the occupied Palestinian territory

Tuesday March 19 at 4:30 pm

 Starting at Al Manara Square, marching towards Al-Muqata (Ramallah)

Long Live Free Palestine

Palestinians For Dignity


President Obama’s visit to the occupied Palestinian territory comes at a time when our prisoners are waging a hunger strike battle in the face of Israeli government obstinacy, and in the face of US silence towards the slow murder these heroes are being subjected to. Most recently Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat died during interrogation inside the Israeli prison of Megiddo. Moreover, the visit comes in light of the continued international isolation of Israel and the ever-increasing boycott campaigns against it.

On one hand, it is simply naive to presume that U.S. policy toward Israel has changed since Obama took office. A March 2012 report by the U.S. Congress discusses a $3.1 billion in military aid for the year 2013 only, including financing the Iron Dome system, and increasing US bilateral support to Israel to $115 billion since 1949. In addition, the US is committed to maintain Israel’s security at the expense of the lives, land and livelihood of Palestinians; whether by justifying the massacres against Palestinians in Gaza, or through its silence concerning settlement expansion, destructions of homes, forcible transfer and other Israeli policies.

On the other hand, it is hypocritical and disingenuous that the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) disregards the role of the Obama administration in blocking its membership request in 2011 at the Security Council, and its vote against the resolution at the General Assembly in 2012. Furthermore, the US congress has imposed financial sanctions on international institutions recognizing “Palestine”. And to add insult to injury, while the PLO/PA assure Palestinians they consider Jerusalem the Palestinian capital, yet they receive the US President in the Ramallah enclave.

Despite the attempts of the Palestinian “leadership” to ease the atmosphere, with statements about Obama pressuring the Israeli government on the issue of Palestinian political prisoners, or promises of petty US aid, however, the ultimate objectives of the visit are clear.

The visit aims to achieve three goals; first, to relieve the pressure off the Israeli government, which is suffering increased international isolation (albeit with words more than actions). Second, to restrain the frustration of the Palestinian street simmering in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and finally, to prolong the expected lifetime of the PA, which after 20 years is becoming more and more disconnected from its people.

The Palestinian people will not accept to play a role in achieving these interests, and will not succumb to these pressures. What is required of us as Palestinians is to persue a complete boycott of our occupier on all fronts: security, economical, political, cultural and academic, and to rebuild a representative entity for Palestinians everywhere. Not aid in relieving the pressure on the Israeli government by engaging in a futile process, and allowing it to complete its expansionary policies and annexation through uprooting Palestinians from their land and homes.

Accordingly, we call on the masses of the Palestinian people to change this path and demonstrate against receiving he who considers Israel “the closest ally in the region”, and to refuse the return to futile negotiations. We call for entrenching the sacrifices of the martyrs and prisoners  by refusing to surrender and to work with Palestinians everywhere to establish  a strategic program of resistance, where political, economic, military, popular and various other forms of resistance and duties are shared each according to their ability.

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May 3-5, 2013
University of British Columbia
Unceded Musqueam Territories
Vancouver, BC, Canada


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Registration is NOW OPEN for the Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America! This conference – which will take place at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver on May 3-5, 2013 – will bring together Palestinian and Arab organizers, activists and community members to discuss our collective role as Palestinians in our liberation movement and assert our voice as Palestinians in shatat/exile.

There is more information about the conference at our website, This conference is being organized from the ground up, and will benefit from the active involvement and participation of Palestinian organizations and organizers across North America. The conference will include facilitated workshops, plenary discussions, conversations, and presentations – it welcomes your participation, your voice, and your active involvement in reclaiming the voice of the shatat.

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We will soon be posting accommodations information. If you have any questions, or require solidarity housing, please email us at

Highlights of the program include the two KEYNOTE PLENARIES:

PALESTINIAN REPRESENTATION: Raising Our Voices in the Shatat in North America

The PLO is historically regarded as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, an overarching mechanism by which we all came together to deliberate on the strategies of our national movement. In this plenary, we will discuss the histories of political representation in our national movement, and what representation might mean today. Some of the questions addressed will include: What did the PLO look like, what does it look like now, and how/can it be remade? What can we learn from our earlier revolutionary histories? How has the current lack of representation impacted our struggle, and our ability to develop a coherent and cohesive national strategy for liberation and return? How do we create representation bodies that are inclusive of all our people and forces, and serve the needs of our national movement? How do we embody our demands for popular and democratic representation in our own communities and associations?

LOOKING BACK, FORGING FORWARD: Strengthening our Organizing in the Shatat

This plenary will examine Palestinian organizing in the shatat, looking at the past and moving to the present day. We will discuss the reasons and implications for how different methods and mechanisms came to frame our organizing as part of our liberation movement, and consider frameworks moving forward. Some of the questions addressed will include: What have been the organizing trends within the history of our movement? What has been the historical role of students, workers, and women? How do we forge our role and revitalize our sense of national responsibility in the shatat? How do our communities currently organize? What internal and external challenges are confronting our communities? How do we build community accountability and organizing discipline? How can we imagine and strategize ways to connect our organizing in North America with our brothers and sisters on the ground and in exile?

This is a critical time for the Palestinian people and the national liberation movement, and this conference is an opportunity to connect, build and mobilize our people in North America. Conference participants will not only gain knowledge, but are expected to commit themselves to collectively and democratically working together to re-build and revive our national liberation movement.

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Conference to take place at University of British Columbia

The Organizing Committee of the Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America is pleased to announce that the Conference will take place from Friday evening, May 3 through Sunday afternoon, May 5, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, on unceded Musqueam territories.

The host organization for the conference is Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights at UBC (SPHR – UBC).

Conference sessions will be soon forthcoming with more details, and will include plenaries, workshops and cultural events.

March 30: Ana Min Hunak: Arab Cultural Evening for Palestinian Land Day – Vancouver

Ana-Min-Hunak-March30Ana Min Hunak: I am from there…
Arab Cultural Evening for Palestinian Land Day
Saturday, March 30
6:00 PM
Bonsor Banquet Hall, 6550 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby, BC 
(Near Metrotown) – Free Parking Available
Join the Palestine Cultural Society and the organizing committee of the Vancouver Palestinian Shatat Conference for an Arab cultural evening commemorating Palestinian Land Day – experience Palestinian culture as we celebrate our connection to the land.
The cultural evening will be held in Bonsor Banquet Hall in Burnaby, BC.
*Palestinian and Arab music
*Delicious food
*Palestinian DABKEH performance
*Poetry and song
*Art on display
Children are welcome – bring your family! This is an evening for community celebration, solidarity, and cultural resistance.
Tickets on sale in advance and at the door: $15 general admission, $10 for students, $45 group rate for a group of 4, $65 group rate for a group of 6. Children under 12 free.
To buy tickets online, visit:
For tickets, call:
Omar – 604-379-4050
Rima – 604-506-4765
Abdelaziz – 604-600-1561
Abdullah – 604-760-1058
**tickets will be limited: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!**
Proceeds will support the Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America, taking place in Vancouver May 3-5, 2013! 

International Women’s Day: Women in the Palestinian Liberation Struggle

On International Women’s Day, it is critical to recognize the central role of Palestinian women in the struggle for liberation.  Palestinian women are, and have been throughout history, leaders, intellectuals, fighters, organizers, and writers in the Palestinian national cause, and have been a constant part of every mobilization for justice and liberation in Palestine. Indeed, the structures pioneered by Palestinian women’s committees were in many ways the backbone of the popular support networks of the Intifada and building connections among members of the Palestinian community outside Palestine. Within Palestine and in the diaspora, Palestinian women have organized themselves and their people for struggle and action.

Part of our Historical Documents collection include focuses on Palestinian women and the continuing leadership of Palestinian women in the movement over time. Some excerpts include:

The Institute for Palestine Studies has made a special collection available for International Women’s Day, consisting of journal articles looking at Palestinian women’s organizing.

The following posters are a few of the many pieces that have been produced by Palestinians over the years in commemoration of International Women’s Day, March 8. For a more complete collection, please visit the Palestine Poster Project:












It should also be noted that Palestinian women political prisoners remain in Israeli jails, as noted in the following poster for International Women’s Day 2013 by the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees:



lina-jarbouni12 Palestinian Female Prisoners remain in ‘Israeli’ Occupation jails: Lina Jarbouni, she is the longest serving Palestinian woman political prisoner, she is from Arabba Al Batouf village, near the Palestinian City of Akka (Akko-Acre): Arrested on 18th April 2002 and sentenced for 17 years by the court of the Occupation.

Manar Zawahreh from Bethlehem: Arrested on 13th September 2012 and sentenced for one year by the court of the Occupation.

Inam Al-Hasanat from Bethlehem: Arrested on 13th August 2012 and sentenced for two years by the court of the Occupation.

Asma Al-Batran, from Hebron: Arrested on 27th August 2012 sentenced to 10 months by the court of the Occupation and fined up to 680 USD.

Hadeel Abu Turki from Hebron: Arrested on 26th July 2012 sentenced to one year by the court of the Occupation.

Salwa Hassan, from Hebron: Arrested on 19th October 2011 sentenced to 21 months by the court of the Occupation.

Occupation is holding 6 female prisoners without trial, they are:

Alaa Aljobeh from Hebron, Arrested on 12th July 2011

Ayat Mahfoth from Hebron: Arrested on 4th February 2013

Nawal Asa’di from Jenin: Arrested on 5th November 2012

Muna Qa’dan from Jenin: Arrested on 13th November 2012

Alaa Abu Zayton from Nablus: Arrested on 9th February 2013

Intisar Alsayyed from Jerusalem: Arrested on 22nd November 2012